The ECA Operations Group is critical to ECA’s investment approach. The Operations team is comprised of seasoned CEOs, CFOs, Marketing and Operational professionals and industry leaders with invaluable expertise, experience and a deep understanding of critical areas of business and growth.

• accounting, finance, IT, business development, sales and marketing, supply chain management, insurance, and risk management.

• patent and intellectual property, litigation support, and corporate structuring including a major focus on cross border issues.

The team works closely with management to help define their needs, goals and vision. The ECA Operations Group is deeply involved through the life cycle of the portfolio and group companies – from early stages all the way through to exit. The team works intricately with the company’s executive team to identify key challenges and goals by developing comprehensive operational and structural blueprints for the unique challenges inherent to that business. The operational and structural blueprints and modeling become a long-term strategy and operating plan that defines key priorities, prepares the company for future challenges and measures core drivers for the performance and value. This hands-on approach allows the group to focus and attain its shared goal of building powerful and viable businesses, creating significant shareholder value.